Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Offline Marketing As A Part Of Your Growth Strategy

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Offline Marketing As A Part Of Your Growth Strategy

Since the dawn of digital, people think it's all about marketing it online. They consider offline as dead. But this is not true at all. We all know how important Digital Marketing is, in today’s world, but it is not the end all. Offline Marketing can be of great help if a brand has a physical presence such as a spa or a retail store or even a cafe. 

In fact, you’re probably not doing your start-up full justice by not employing the offline marketing methods. You need to have a well-rounded approach.

A well-rounded approach means that both your online and offline marketing is mutually beneficial and they help each other in spreading your business.

The offline marketing tips will help your business in a number of ways. These include :


  • Building awareness in the local community. 
  • Improving your business branding.
  • Building a network with other businesses.
  • Increasing the sales of your product.

Let us tell you which offline methods are worth sticking with - 

Networking - Going old school by simply having a chat with people about your brand and articulating what your brand stands for can turn into a very effective marketing tool. Putting a face to a brand name is a smart way to enhance brand loyalty. Develop rapport by building a face-to-face connection with other businesses, potential customers and suppliers at networking events, conferences, trade shows or customer evenings.

Good relationships increase brand loyalty and if a customer happens to click with you then they are more likely to visit your website.


2. Print Media or Advertising - We keep hearing that print is dead, but print media can be very effective as it can push people towards your digital efforts. Your brand can stand out from the crowd by using strong designs on posters, brochures, flyers and business cards as well as product packaging.

Digital marketing can feel temporary when you see the perks of having a physical piece of your brand in the hands of your customers. The customers can look back at the flyer or brochure and contact you.

Print marketing allows you to create interesting visual collaterals that can act as an identity for your brand and its online presence.

Printing out ads in newspapers and magazines with strong, striking graphic design or creating brochures with long-form visual content gives your brand an advantage you will see in future. Customers that aren’t digitally active might miss your online marketing, so this is a good way to cover the loss.

Why should you go for local newspaper marketing in India?

Advertising in the local newspaper can turn out to be the most profitable form of marketing for you. A lot of Indian homes have subscribed to newspapers in both Hindi and English. You can reach your audience very easily through newspaper advertisements. 

The price of an ad in local paper will depend on the circulation of the paper, how much space the ad takes up, and where it is placed. And the best part is that newspaper ads are pretty cost-effective. Almost any business can afford to print an ad in the newspaper. You can even customise your ad to be placed in the specific section of the newspaper, for example, in the business or technology section. 

Why is Niche Magazines Advertising profitable?  

Whatever your product or service is, there is a high chance that you will be able to find a magazine read by people in your target audience.

Other than just targeting, there are a few other benefits of advertising in niche magazines. Magazines often have a much longer shelf life than newspapers. This means they can be read by more people.

Some reports suggest people have a higher trust in print advertisements than they do in any other medium. Newspapers and magazines received trust of 63 percent, while internet ads only received 25 percent.


3. Guerrilla Marketing - Guerrilla marketing means to employ unconventional marketing stunts that are the result of an outside the box thinking.

Even some little acts that are a bit unusual can make a big impact on your audience. For example,  you could leave your business card in a random location for a potential customer to pick up. 

You don’t have to go big, you just need to create small pieces of marketing that surprise people. It can be something small like sponsoring an artist to produce eye-catching, branded graphics.

Combining print and digital marketing helps you to reach out to more people in lots of creative ways.


4. Public Speaking - Public speaking, if done well, can be a great way of marketing your brand/business. Not everyone goes for public speaking as it is not everyone’s cup of tea, therefore, it can be advantageous for you. 

Pick events that are relevant to your area of business. This makes sure that you are talking to a targeted and interested crowd. Bringing something new to the table also helps. You could approach a subject from a completely different perspective and join it with the idea behind your brand/business.Picking local events to speak at can also give your brand/business more exposure and create a buzz in your community.


5. Billboard Advertisements - Billboard advertising is another form of offline advertising that, when used well, can be highly effective, specially for local businesses. There are a lot of different forms of billboard ads, that can be everything from posters at bus stops or train stations, to banners on buses, to the giant screens.

The cost of your advertising on a billboard will vary depending on the location and size of the board. 

This form of ad reaches far and wide and reaches a large number of audience all at once. Billboard ads have become quite famous these days as they are perceived as the best form of advertisement. 


6. Sponsoring a local event - Sponsoring an event is a great way to get your brand in front of a specific audience while associating your brand with the event. The event should, however, be chosen that is, in a way, associated with your brand. For example, a food brand can sponsor a local cookery competition. 


A combination of offline and online marketing can get your brand the required exposure it needs. Offline marketing is as important for your brand as an online exposure. 

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